Natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes can strike unexpectedly and cause devastating damage to a small business. It is imperative that companies should plan ahead so that they are not decimated by natural disasters when they occur. Here are some steps you can take to protect your business before a disaster strikes and in its aftermath.

Save Your Data

Your irreplaceable business data includes information stored digitally and on paper. The best way to preserve electronic files is in a storage system in the cloud. Scan and upload important files on an ongoing basis so that your information is safe in any emergency. As for paper files, make copies and keep them offsite in a secure location.

Establish a Plan

An emergency operations plan prepares your business for the time immediately following a natural disaster. It describes what the leadership structure would be like, how you would communicate with employees and clients if some systems are down, and the possibilities for remote work if the company’s physical location is damaged. It would also detail how to evacuate your buildings in the event of a disaster, where emergency kits would be stowed, and what they would contain.

Consider Your Insurance

Before your business is hit with a natural disaster, contact your insurance agent to be sure that your coverage is adequate to handle such a crisis. If necessary, invest in extra coverage to be sure that your company can fully recover after significant damage.

Communicate with Employees and Clients

Communication with your personnel is one of the most important aspects of your emergency operations plan. Your employees need to be aware ahead of time how this would be accomplished. After disaster strikes, you need to keep in touch with your team, especially if they are forced to relocate. As for your clients, inform them of your company’s ongoing status through email and social media updates.

Assist the Community

If the preparations that your business makes enables it to survive a natural disaster, reach out to other local companies and give them a hand up. This will assist the overall community to recover, which benefits everyone.

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