Monthly Archives: October 2020

Tips for Using a Bridge Loan

If you have recently launched a business or are looking to expand, chances are that you will need outside funding. As you have probably already learned, acquiring business funding can sometimes take a long time. With a bank loan, for... Read More

How to Prepare Your Business for a Disaster

Natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes can strike unexpectedly and cause devastating damage to a small business. It is imperative that companies should plan ahead so that they are not decimated by natural disasters when they occur. Here are... Read More

The Benefits of Getting a Business Loan

Every business needs money to start, thrive, and to grow. But how to get the funds that are needed since money doesn’t fall out of the sky and into your hands? The go-to answer is to get a business loan.... Read More

4 Ways to Use Equipment Financing

Many businesses require specific equipment in order to function successfully. Since most equipment is expensive, you need to find a method of funding that suits your budget and will enable your company to continue to thrive and grow. Here are... Read More