Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Is Stated Income Commercial Real Estate the Best Choice for Your Business?

At Magis Funding Solutions, LLC, we offer business owners a wide variety of loan options for every aspect of company growth. Having access to several alternatives lets you choose the best financing for your business’s current and future needs. If other lenders have turned you down in the past for real estate loans, we invite you to apply for stated income commercial real estate financing instead.

Why Choose Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loans?

Traditional commercial real estate loans look in depth at your business’s financial records. This includes scrutinizing your credit history, credit rating, cash flow and balance sheets. These requirements are important to make sure that your business has solid financial footing before investing.

That’s all well and good if you’ve been operating for years and have an excellent customer base. However, newer companies, seasonal businesses and small businesses may take a while to reach those numbers. In fact, that’s one of the reasons applying for a commercial real estate loan is important! With your own real estate, it’s easier to attract clients, minimize overhead and generate excellent profits.

Stated income loans can help make your dream a reality. They focus less on your business financials and more on the value of the property you want to buy. This can help you take advantage of amazing opportunities. As long as the real estate is valuable, getting approved is relatively easy.

How Can You Tell If Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loans Are Right for You?

Here are a few situations where stated income loans are the perfect solution:

  • You need to close on real estate quickly
  • Your business credit is less than ideal
  • Business success absolutely depends on getting your own property
  • Your company doesn’t have traditional cash flow
  • You’ve only been in business for a few years

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to build a strong company. We understand how important real estate is to that equation, which is why our team works with you to meet your needs. To learn more about this flexible financing option, contact our friendly advisers right away.

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