Monthly Archives: December 2020

6 Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur brings with it daily excitement and frequent challenges. To help you navigate those challenges, keep the following tips for entrepreneurs in mind. Take Vacations Entrepreneurs need to remember to take some time off occasionally. As pointed out... Read More

The Leadership Traits That Small Business Owners Should Possess

If you lead a team or own a small business, there are some distinct leadership skills that you need. These traits not only ensure efficacy and efficiency on the job but also contribute to overall company success and the business’... Read More

The Basics of Invoice Factoring

Every business needs a flow of working capital to operate smoothly and successfully, but sometimes there just aren’t enough funds available. Invoice factoring, a proven capital solution, may be just the answer. What Is Invoice Factoring? Invoice factoring is not... Read More

The Four Greatest Advantages of Equipment Leasing

Equipment leasing helps you get the heavy, specialized equipment you need for your business, with a small downpayment and lower monthly payments than typical bank purchase loans. Major benefits of equipment leasing include:  Preserving your cash: Leasing usually requires a... Read More