Monthly Archives: March 2021

Find Funding for Your Small Business Without Traditional Banks

For many small- and medium-sized business owners, the first place they think about when needing a financing option is their local bank. Although this may prove helpful for some, traditional banks are notorious for making it difficult to obtain funding... Read More

Five Ways to Finance a Government Contract

Getting a government contract is no mean achievement, congratulations! But now, how are you going to fund this lucrative contract while what you have isn’t enough to pull a quarter of the project? Let’s find out ways you can finance... Read More

5 Strategies to Stand Out From Your Competitors

               As a marketer, you must evaluate your positioning to help you expand your brand visibility. As an element of marketing, positioning should indicate whether your products resonate with the target audience by offering... Read More

9 Tips For Surviving a Real Estate Audit

When the term audit is mentioned, many people tend to freak out, especially real estate audits, due to their complexity. An audit is basically a review of business records and documentation to ensure that they comply with the state regulations.... Read More

Boosting Motivation in Business Partners

Working together with one or more business partners can be profitable but is not always an easy thing to do. Business partners are human, after all, and will have different ideas on how to operate the company. You may all... Read More