Purchase Order Financing

Grow Your Business With Purchase Order Financing

Presold merchandise and finished goods are vital to many companies’ successes. Producers, wholesalers, resellers and distributors count on timely shipments to deliver the convenience, service and value they promise to their customers. When challenges arise, you need to know that your goods will ship. Magis Funding Solutions, LLC’s purchase order financing gives you that peace of mind.

The Basics of P.O. Financing

Securing your goods for shipment is the goal of our P.O. financing service. We pay your suppliers for you, which releases your orders to be shipped. Once your customers receive their orders, we collect payment directly from them and send you the remaining balance after we deduct our fees. Our P.O. financing benefits businesses dealing in domestic production, imports or exports and offer several great advantages:

  • Rapid and versatile funding
  • No increased long-term bank debt
  • No equity sacrifices
  • Ability to make on-time deliveries

With P.O. financing, it’s easier to expand your business’s market share. With no additional long-term liabilities, it’s especially ideal for startups and companies facing cash flow crunches.

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Our certified financial specialists are ready to analyze your company’s financial situation and help you discover your best commercial loan options. To apply for purchase order financing or learn more, call us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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