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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Using Medical Credit Cards

Medical credit cards can help fill the gap between insurance plans when a procedure is needed but not covered and has an expense a patient is unable to pay immediately. As with anything, you’ll need to know the pros and... Read More

10 Leasing Tips for New Business and Startups

1.    Evaluate Your Credit and Financial Status    Proper preparation is vital in the business sector. The last thing you want to do is lack credit and financial documentation for your business venture. With organized financial records, you can... Read More

10 Tips for Investing in Commercial Real Estate

There are many ways to generate wealth and investing in real estate is an inviting one. Investing in commercial real estate can offer high-income opportunities. Yet, as with other types of investing, it doesn’t come without knowledge, effort, risk, and solid... Read More

Financing Options for Franchising a Business

Franchising provides the ideal opportunity to get into entrepreneurship. It has the flexibility and independence of being a small business while proving the support and infrastructure of a big corporation. While getting started in franchising requires a hefty investment to... Read More