Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

Unsecured Line of Credit – The Flexible Capital for Your Business

Magis Funding Solutions, LLC, the smart choice in business financing. Business conditions change. Unexpected issues arise. Windows of opportunity open. Are you prepared to deal with these occurrences? Thousands of business owners have learned that with a Line of Credit features 24-hour access to 5 separate loan drafts over a 6-month period; allowing business owners to draw funds as needed, paying interest only on what they take! Are you ready to join the ranks of these smart, nimble and prepared business owners?

Maybe you’ve thought about expanding, renovations or purchasing some new equipment. Why wait? With this type of financing, you have the freedom to draw funds as needed, paying interest only on the money you take

It Pays to Be Prepared

Even without an immediate need, business owners are establishing lines of credit now. Being prepared is smart. Owners know opportunities and/or issues can arise quickly and having committed working capital allows them to be ready for the unexpected.

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Unique Features and Benefits

•Loan amounts up to $750,000 with no collateral required
• Access to 5 separate loan drafts over a 6-month period
• Online or faxable drafts for ease of submission • No application, maintenance or access fees
• A low documentation, streamlined process
• 48 hour approvals and fundings in a matter of days
• Early pay off options are available
• Less than perfect credit is not a barrier
• Interest is tax deductible • Keeps you in control of your business