Monthly Archives: September 2020

The Difference Between Personal and Business Credit Score

Lenders typically request a personal credit report and a business credit report when a business owner applies for credit. Both provide a summary of how well the loan applicant manages money. However, the information listed, credit scoring models, and other... Read More

Hazards Associated with Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a popular method of raising money for an upcoming business venture. Individuals and other businesses make donations to the campaign to help the entrepreneur earn enough capital to create the product or launch a business. It can seem... Read More

Choosing Between Leasing New or Used Equipment

There is nothing wrong with business owners wanting the newest equipment, but this isn’t always the most practical choice. This is especially true when it comes to equipment leasing. Assuming the borrower doesn’t opt to buy the equipment, he or... Read More

4 Selling Tips for Fix and Flip Properties

It happens fairly often that the most difficult aspect of any fix and flip operation is finding a prospective buyer for the property. There are some tips you can use which will help to speed up the process, and which... Read More