It happens fairly often that the most difficult aspect of any fix and flip operation is finding a prospective buyer for the property. There are some tips you can use which will help to speed up the process, and which will also tend to minimize the heartburn you have to go through to find a buyer.

Use Online Listings

Most buyers today will begin their search for a property by looking online, and you can use this to your advantage. You can use the Multiple Listing Service to make your property known to buyers, and you can provide professional quality photos to make it look as appealing as possible.

Maximize Your Curb Appeal

There’s no question that a house’s interior is extremely important to buyers, but so is its exterior, and that’s the first sight that a buyer will have of the property. Curb appeal will instantly contribute to having a good showing, and it might even draw in casual passersby who weren’t really thinking of purchasing. Do whatever you can to spruce up the exterior of the home, for instance by painting it, installing a new front door, or putting in some attractive shrubs. Don’t forget about having a good walkway up to the home, because all prospective buyers will be entering the home via this walkway.

Control Those Things You Can

Obviously, you can’t do anything about your property’s proximity to a major highway, or about the horse farm in the neighborhood. However, you should make every attempt to control those things you can, for instance by installing a fence to block out noises and unsightly homes in the area.

Be Prepared to Answer Questions

Keep in mind that any prospective buyer will be interested in more than the property itself – they’ll also be interested in all the details of the neighborhood. You can do yourself a favor by being ready to answer all possible questions such as where the nearest school is, what kind of restaurants are in the area, where the best grocery store is, and whether there’s a dog park in the area. By being well-informed about the neighborhood itself, you’ll be better prepared to answer all questions and put your fix and flip property in the best light.

Need Funds for Your Next Fix and Flip? 

If you need funding for your next fix and flip transaction, we may be able to provide assistance. Contact us at Magis Funding, so we can discuss some funding options which may help you acquire the property you have your eye on.