Content marketing is not a buzzword nor a passing fancy. In fact, it is the “leading edge” of today’s marketing. Content marketing is simply the creation and distribution of online information and visuals that are attractive to a target audience and that are relevant and valuable to them. Good content marketing does lead to sales and can be used to get results in seasonal sales campaigns.

Why do Seasonal Marketing?

Seasonal sales campaigns can be effective in attracting attention to a brand and increasing business, boosting sales at both “high opportunity” times of the year and slow periods, converting occasional customers into loyal customers, and aligning the products or services of a company with the feelings of customers at specific times of the year in an emotionally connecting way.

Importantly, seasonal sales campaigns have become a customer expectation. These expected time periods are leveraged every year by smart content marketing including around New Years’, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, along with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the “Holiday season.” It is clearly not just Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, although these can be used too.

5 Content Marketing Tips for Seasonal Sales Campaigns

Use these 5 content marketing tips to drive success for your seasonal sales campaigns:

Evaluate prior seasonal sales campaigns. What worked well and what didn’t work. Have any trends changed?
Analyze the market with a focus on customer trends and competitive activities. Take a data-driven approach using social media and website analytics for planning content marketing actions.
Plan a year-long calendar, considering all the seasons (including slow seasons) that you want to focus on.
Research all the keywords that you want to rank in search. Use ones that will connect the season with your business.
Create appealing and relevant content along with the visual assets that will be included.

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