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Magis Funding Solutions provides a wide array of financing options for real estate investors, developers and small to mid-sized businesses nationwide & select international locations.

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We’re happy to partner with business owners and give companies a solid foundation for success. Our financial tools can make a huge difference in staying flexible no matter what you encounter on the way:

What makes our commercial lending solutions so attractive is that we give you total control over how you spend business capital. You don’t have to request approval before every purchase or wait days before seizing on great business opportunities. We support owners by trusting their instincts for company growth.

Trustworthy Commercial Finance
Solutions for Business Owners

At Magis Funding Solutions, LLC, we firmly believe that business owners should have the freedom to execute their corporate vision, not follow someone else’s demands. The best entrepreneurs don’t just look at numbers on a page; they envision spectacular goals for business growth and immediately start moving towards them.

This type of passion is essential for overcoming challenges and creating a brand that demands attention. With our expert commercial finance solutions, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

Breeann WilsonBreeann Wilson
18:28 09 Apr 24
Dave was wonderful at helping me find financing to help me expand my practice. When I was almost ready to give up, he did not. He helped me find a lender with good terms and now I can continue with what I have been dreaming of as I continue to grow and expand Pure Podiatry of WNY, PLLC. Thank you!
Jay SongJay Song
21:35 19 Mar 24
Thoroughly enjoyed working with Dave and Gretchen! They are quick to respond and very knowledgeable in guiding their clients to the finish line. I am looking forward to more opportunities to work with Magis Funding Solutions. Highly recommend their services.
Admin GalboAdmin Galbo
12:48 13 Mar 24
Andrea KombeAndrea Kombe
16:40 08 Mar 24
Dave and Gretchen are absolutely phenomenal - as a Canadian investing in the US, there are so many things to navigate. They were right there every step of the way. Definitely will be working with them on the next deals and every one after!
Kelly PoulosKelly Poulos
20:13 05 Mar 24
Great experience! I was always updated!! It was a very smooth transaction!
Joel GJoel G
21:54 16 Oct 23
Dave and Gretchen worked tirelessly to secure the best possible loan for my first investment property. They saved the deal no less than three times. I highly recommend them, especially for novice buyers.
Charles EllisCharles Ellis
01:49 05 Oct 23
Great experience. I've had some pretty lousy experiences dealing with other mortgage brokers, originators, hard money lenders and banks over the years but David and Gretchen were fantastic. They did what they said they could and would do. They have a laundry list of available loan products for all walks of Real Estate professional from fix-and-flip short term loans to 30 year fixed rate to business lines of credit. They were highly professional, knowledgeable, and they were able to execute and fund a 30 yr fixed cash out refi on a multifamily investment property in a timely manner. And if I was lagging on a document for a day or two, Gretchen would politely ping me to keep me on my game. Legitimate professionals who have earned my repeat business for sure.
Mona HMona H
16:10 16 May 23
Dave and Gretchen are literally a dream team! You have inquiries during your loan process? Their communication skills are phenomenal. Gretchen was super meticulous with updates. My dad and I really enjoyed working with them.You can definitely tell that they’re proud of their business and stand behind their amazing work ethic. Highly recommend!
Adrianna HarrisAdrianna Harris
03:55 16 May 23
I wish I found Gretchen and Dave sooner!These two have all their ducks in a row and have superb communication.I definitely will be using them in the future.
00:31 10 Mar 23
Gretchen & Dave were excellent to work with. Quick to answer any questions. No surprises and kept the process moving right along from start to finish. Able to provide a solution when others could not. Would definitely recommend giving them a call.
Carlos TorresCarlos Torres
20:56 23 Feb 22
In life our value and needs may change as we venture into new relationships.Dave and Gretchen optimized 2 core valuesI treasure the most in this junction 1. exceptional Communication and 2. A Genuinely caring team to meet my personal needs and ease of transaction.They did not waiver from standing by and literally holding my hand to cross the finish line.As a single parent growing personal investments they have helped my family beyond the generations to come.Thank You and can’t wait for next deal.
James Wangelin IIJames Wangelin II
16:58 22 Feb 22
As a Realtor, Gretchen and Dave were a pleasure to work with. Easy to communicate and they have a good variety of loan products for investors of all shape/sizes that most loan officers can't provide. Thank you for your hard work and would highly recommend to other investors!
Emily CornwellEmily Cornwell
16:40 19 Feb 22
Working with Dave and Gretchen was a great experience! They kept all parties informed every step of the way, from contract to the closing table. They are diligent and work around the clock to make sure the transaction gets done and always make themselves available to answer any questions. I will defiantly be working with them again, and will be referring future clients to Magis Funding. Thank you both!